Fire fight with ‘FIZZ’- a Plan ‘B’ that just might save your day

What if you are sitting in front of your TV munching chip and sipping coke on a lazy day home alone. What if your laziness has dumbed your faculties just enough that you have forgotten that you left the milk to boil on full flame in the kitchen and  you suddenly realize that the milk has boiled over and a small fire has begun to light up your kitchen? Can you now save the day....somehow? Well, maybe you can. 
As with many myths, some are truer than others and some will probably never be tested conclusively. But one of them is true and has been caught on video: if a fire starts, Coke can save your life! To use Coke to put out a fire, do the following: open the bottle, keep the opening closed with your thumb on top of it, shake it hard, and point the gushing liquid toward the flames. Doing this turns the bottle of Coke into a makeshift fire extinguisher. Of course it is always best to have an actual fire extinguisher on hand, but it can never hurt to have a Plan B.
A firefighter demonstrated how to use coke put out fire in Zhoushan City, East China’s Zhejiang Province, on May 26, 2016. An online video clip of a foreign firefighter putting out fire with a bottle of coke has aroused wide attention. But, the firefighters said coke can’t extinguish fire on oil products and suggested the public not to use coke for fire control.
Now don’t ask me if Sprite will do or I’ll throw something at you…..

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