Fire emergency in enclosed premises - Do’s and Don’ts

PROLITE has been in the business of fire safety and exigency solutions for donkey’s
years now. Today, we manufacture the very best, world class products such as
emergency lights, signages, anti-skid luminescent strips for staircases, fire resistant
signs for high temperature/high risk locations and so many more.
Our client list is a who’s who from both the private and public sector and thanks to our
after sales services and prompt response to customer needs our clients gradually
become more like family.
However, we are also aware that we shoulder great social responsibility in our
profession.  We know that ignorance of basic fire safety protocols cause many casualties
in fire accidents. While the primary responsibility of protecting inhabitants and visitors in
enclosed premises of any nature lies with the builders/developers owners, architects and
civic authorities concerned, once an emergency happens, it is every man for himself for
those trapped.
We therefore, undertake various programs to educate and disseminate vital information
on fire safety for common folk who are unaware and uninformed. Listed below are a few
tips and words of advice that you need to read and understand carefully.
What are the basic rules to observe in a fire emergency?
1.    Immediately pull the nearest fire alarm pull station as you exit the building.
2.    When evacuating the building, be sure to feel doors for heat before opening
them to be sure there is no fire danger on the other side.
3.    If there is smoke in the air, stay low to the ground, especially your head, to
reduce inhalation exposure. Keep on hand on the wall to prevent disorientation
and crawl to the nearest exit.
4.    Once away and clear from danger, call all concerned who could be at hand
and inform them of the fire.
5.    Go to your refuge area and await further instructions from emergency
There are also a few things that one should NOT do in such situations. Use of the Lift is a strict NO-
NO. Also, assembling in any room without adequate ventilation like windows –such as the toilet -
can be a sure invitation to certain death. The horrific Kamala Mills episode was the more recent
example of precious lives lost because they sought refuge in the toilet. The smoke will fill up faster
and suffocate people quicker where there are no outlets. Also, one should not allow one’s love for
valuables or personal belongings to cause hesitation or distract one from the ONLY objective which
must be to get out fast and save one’s life.
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