FIRE AT BIRTHDAY skit Happy Birthday to you (chorus)

(there is a blackout)

There is a big AWWWWW! Light gaya. Suddenly someone says, run man it’s a fire and the flames are rising, (screams, shouts, falling furniture sounds, glass breaking sounds, crying children) slowly there is total silence.

Crackling of fire and serene music.


Voiceover-The birthday party became a tragic scene of death. No one could get out because there were no lights, no signs and all the people ran here and there banging into each other tripping over furniture but having no vision to see the door that was barely a few feet away. All the children and adults were a mass of charred flesh by the time help arrived. Why did it happen WHY! WHY!


Only because there were no escape route signs or emergency lights. When the power failed darkness blinded everyone and death walked into the birthday party. NBC norms are very clear that any enclosed premise MUST have in place Emergency lighting and photoluminescent signages to guide people to safety in such disastrous moments. Someone chose to ignore it and as a result EVERYONE died.



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