Fire again in ESIC hospital in just 2 days after blaze that claimed 10 lives

Just 2 days after the massive fire in the ESIC hospital in Mumbai that ended up claiming 10 lives another fire broke out in the same hospital on Wednesday, 19th December in the evening. Two fire tenders had to be rushed to the spot to extinguish it. Fortunately no lives were lost in this one.
The site engineer and supervisor have been named in an FIR filed after it was found that the fire was triggered off by sparks from a welding job being undertaken in the premises. Both were arrested. Surprisingly, the hospital authorities are not in the FIR even though the hospital was known to be operating without due clearances that render them guilty on multiple counts as per law.
The police clarified that two people had been arrested in the ESIC fire matter on charges of negligence among others.

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