Safety and security solutions are complicated. The same things cannot apply to different locations. An emergency light that is best suited for offices of certain limited approximate dimensions may be of no use in a huge sprawling godown or a corridor. Therefore, Prolite always recommends proper inspection and expert guidance BEFORE installation of safety devices or tools.

Prolite has its own team of experts and professionals available to provide accurate consultancy in installing as well as maintaining exigency related paraphernalia such as lights, signs, extinguishers, alarms and the like.

Prolite also constantly upgrades and innovates in its own product portfolio to suit different clients and different purposes. Recently, Prolite has introduced the infinity range whereby long lengths and corridors can have a linear extendable light source with emergency lights installed intermittently so that in case of power failure the emergency lights will come on to provide vital illumination for a few hours.

Prolite also manufactures its portable range of emergency lights that can be easily transported manually to remote or poorly lit locations such as accident spots or stretches of poorly lit roads or highways for the purpose of rescue or recovery, as the situation may be. These lights can be positioned or maneuvered to shift focus to corners or crevices to give optimum visibility in vital moments to the rescue teams at work. Each light is attached to an extendable stem that can raise or lower it to suitable heights as required.

When it comes to EXIT lights, Prolite is the king of all it surveys, but even here, an exit light suited to a theatre or a conference room can hardly be suitable for a danger prone or fire prone location such as a chemical factory, a cracker factory, an enclosed laboratory or an underground mine or tunnel or so many other similar locations. For particular locations where the possibility of fires or blasts that could raise temperatures to massive levels, Prolite’s flame proof Exit light is the only suitable solution. It can withstand heat and direct exposure to fire and still shine bright and show the way to poor trapped souls therein in case of a major disaster.

Different horses for different courses, that is what correct, copybook safety manuals recommend. Prolite understands this and hence, as we always say, “We don’t take it lightly”.



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