Digitalization and infrastructure building has changed the face of the world within a very short period. New environments are becoming increasingly urbanised and intricate, with a corresponding transformation in associated safety threats. The challenge today has multiplied, especially in locations where the proportion of visitors unfamiliar with layout and procedures increase. In enclosed spaces, exigency products and protocols need to be upgraded regularly while in open spaces like highly-populated, high-risk or complex premises such as railway stations, shopping centres, airports, stadia, government buildings or leisure facilities; way finding signages and related products need to be updated and improved upon periodically.


Emergency lighting is a lifesaver in hazardous situations. Crucially, it enables the safe, prompt and efficient evacuation of spaces and buildings, not just in cases of blackouts or power outages, but in situations where sunlight and mains lighting may be unavailable or weak. An effective emergency lighting system guides people in and around enclosed and open environments as well. These lights help them locate safety equipment, refuge and assembly points and also spot obstacles or hindrances in the way of quick exigency.  Most importantly, Prolite manufactures products conversant with the latest requirements as per the NBC or related licencing authorities so with Prolite products, getting a fire licence which is crucial for any enclosed premise, becomes easy and smooth every time.


Prolite Autoglo has its hands firmly on the pulse of the people and legs on the gas pedal when it comes to providing the above facilities. Prolite’s emergency lighting systems and photoluminescent signages are always the best available option in tricky situations and now, with its robust entry into the emergency way finding segment, the same commitment to quality and trend setting innovation is on display here as well.




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