Emergency Exigency v/s Act of God

Question: How can we be 100% protected from death and injury or loss of property in an accidental fire situation in any enclosed space?
Answer: We cannot
In jurisprudence, any loss suffered in natural calamities like Tsunami, earthquake, rain flooding, volcanic eruptions etc. is attributed to “Act of God”.
Today, even that theory can be challenged because it has been scientifically proven and agreed upon that the climate change problems that have increased recently, are actually man made due to abuse of the environment. But that is an altogether different argument and I will not go into that here. I will confine myself to my battle against God and some his stupid creations on the topic of escape from confined spaces in case of fire or blackout or similar mishaps.
I have a serious problem with God. It is because when we use the intellect bestowed upon us by His divine grace and find solutions to our common mortal problems he shifts the goal posts. When man was evolving from the stone age, he discovered fire. But while fire solved many of his problems, God made fire his biggest enemy too.
Then man discovered electricity but it also came as a clever package deal with electrocution threat, fire and smoke due to short circuit and also high monthly bills.
When plague wiped out mankind in hordes, doctors and physicians discovered antidotes and tamed it. The same happened with TB and other diseases in the 18th/ 19th Century. When man evolved further and found life saving medicines God shifted the goal posts again and brought Cancer and similar diseases with a sure death clause attached. Believe it or not, man even found partial solutions here but then newer mutated drug resistant strains came and the extermination process carried on. Then came the Aids whammy which spooked one generation-and how.
So once again coming back to the original topic, when it comes to exigency solutions Man suddenly found that too many people died in home fires or factory fires just because they could not make it to the nearest gate in time to survive when fire and smoke struck. God alone certainly was not to blame for this. Besides the fire part, it was mostly Man’s problem caused by Man and to be solved by Man.
One man made a building to make estate money. Another guy saw that and he too made another building and so on. The first house was built out of need but the second was just a little bit of greed. Soon there were so many houses that greed overtook the need part greatly and while one of His creations made Fire Engines to fight fire accidents and save people another of His creations shifted the goal post and made the next building so close to the first one that the fire engines couldn’t get through. So when fire struck many died because the fire brigade vehicle couldn’t get through in time. So divinity won that round for sure and the fire engines could not serve the purpose.
Also because there were no lights or signs to guide the trapped guys to the door in pitch darkness when the electricity failed some lives were lost. So Man used his ingenuity to create Emergency lights and glowing signs to help visibility in case of darkness. But here too the question of power of lights, their actual utility in emergency situations, longevity of lights and signs, upkeep, maintenance and other factors did not measure up in many situations. More lives were lost.
So Man realized that an emergency light or a glow sign was at best, only a partial and hugely inadequate solution given the different types of exigency emergency situations that occur. So Man went a step ahead to build a mechanism to study old cases, tweak solutions to meet unique contingencies, offer regular timely repair and maintenance and get ready for almost all varieties of exigency bottlenecks. Man came up with PROLITE AUTOGLO Ltd.
The fight is on make no mistake. Because man after all, has to rest and God is a far, far advanced version of Narendra Modi.

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