Do you know that real fire safety concerns not necessarily what you do but what you DON’T do?


We all know that fire accidents happen every minute somewhere or the other and in 90% plus cases, due to human error. But if we break down ‘human error’ we will understand that it is due to acts of omission that these terrible tragedies mostly happen.


Fire safety is about prevention mostly. A fire may happen due to a spark but that spark happens due to poor maintenance of wires or non-replacement of ageing and splintering wiring. Had the wires been replaced in time with new strong ones the short circuit may not have happened. So, the fire occurred because of something someone DID NOT do in time.


Now after the fire occurs it spreads because flammable material was kept exposed, had someone NOT done that the fire would not have spread. People probably died because exigency tools and safety escape protocols were NOT in place. Had there been emergency lights and safety signs installed and maintained they could have been saved. But the concerned people did NOT do so. Alternative escape routes must be kept clear and not blocked or locked in enclosed premises. If the back door is jammed or piled with stuff preventing quick exit people will not be able to get away in time from a pursuing fire. Because these measures were NOT taken, the poor trapped people probably died or got scarred for life.


Now it is easy to say that ‘How common folk will know all this? Only experts will.” WRONG! The fire departments regularly conduct camps and mock drills in areas under their charge and invite everyone to participate and get knowledge on fire safety. But if you did NOT care to attend or participate, again you fall into that “Did not do” category and are squarely to blame.

And the law is aware of this and that is why when an accident like Kamala Mills happens, everyone right from the architect, to builder to owner to even the fire certification authority is pulled up and made to face the law.


Face it, if your premises is not fully fire protected, genuinely certified with ALL safety tools in place and working 24X7, you might as well light the match and torch it yourself.




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