Better Safe Than Sorry


We always like to believe that misfortune falls on others and cannot strike us and continue
to live in ostrich like oblivion. Even so, it makes sense to be prepared for the unexpected.
When the twin towers were struck, the world was shocked in disbelief. However, few know
that a few years earlier, a blackout caused in the very same Twin Towers when a generator
malfunctioned in the lower floors caused great problems as people could not get out for
hours. The generator in question was the centralised power feeder source to all the lights
and its malfunction disabled all the lights in one go and left the premises in pitch darkness.
When the crisis blew over and wisdom dawned, the Twin towers installed self contained
emergency lights independent of generator and photoluminescent signages to direct people
to the nearest exit route in case of blackouts or bad visibility. Few are aware that when the
terror attack took place people on lower floors were able to exit swiftly and escape certain
death. Many more lives would have added on the three thousand odd that died on 9/11 had
the lights and glow signs not been installed. The point to be noted here, is that it took a
disaster, albeit a lesser one, to goad people in doing what should have been done in the first
If one were to look at the statistics of disasters and mishaps caused by blackouts or fires
over the years, it would be obvious that in most cases, huge losses could have been avoided
if only the people at the helm had the foresight to install proper exigency safeguards and
lighting back-ups. Coming to the cost factor, many would not know that the cost of
installing the mandated emergency lighting solutions and exigency signages, which are
compulsory by law, in sprawling premises or high rises would hardly be a fraction of the cost
of doing up their interiors or installing non essential paraphernalia just by way of décor or
window dressing.
PROLITE AUTOGLO has earned the distinction of advising and installing these solutions for
the cream of the cream in malls, multiplexes, state governed nuclear facilities, high rises
and more. Our experienced senior staff comprise qualified professionals who can guide and
advise our clients on installing the right kinds of paraphernalia as required for fire audit or
other similar statutory regulators and also their strategic placement ensuring optimum
result oriented application of these solutions.
PROLITE today, is also exporting to many other countries besides catering to India. This is
because, we have evolved with the times and strived to go that extra mile to give our
clients more than they expect for less than they expect to shell out. We have made it
possible because- we never take it lightly.

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