They say “Necessity is the mother of invention. Man had to invent the wheel if he had to advance and so he did. But come to the new age of 2022 and the time of invention has gone by and the age of innovation is upon us.


The world has changed as never before and products and even ideas are becoming obsolete. The concept of safety and exigency too has undergone serious change. Rapid urbanization, congestion, overpopulation and related factors have added extra load on infrastructure- load that it was not equipped to take in the first place.  


At Prolite, we observe these things closely and innovate to create products that are equipped to cater to newer threats and changes in the environment and give the customer maximum protection 24X7 even in these changed circumstances. Therefore, “The most innovative product company” award we got at the Fire India show was no accident.


Our conversion module for example, is designed to be almost invisible and converts an existing luminaire into an emergency light if power fails. This way the aesthetics are not compromised and it becomes easy on the customer’s pocket too. Our flameproof range is another recent innovation designed to perform at very high temperatures while remaining unaffected by flames. The literally ‘never ending’ infinity light idea where in the case of power failure some lights remain unaffected while some shut down along a linear sequence of lights is a boon for tunnels or passages as well as godowns or similar locations where power failures can cause huge problems in visibility.


At Prolite we never took it lightly 30 years back and to this day, we don’t take it lightly.



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