Speaking on prolite to a captive audience-tips, hints and content

When you are to address a gathering that is expecting a boring lecture, the onus is on you to dispel that mood at the very beginning. As a speaker, reading out of a script openly is a strict No-No.  You may place the paper strategically and glance at it momentarily, that too not making it obvious to the audience. Therefore, how much you are able to memorize will be your biggest strength when you stand before a captive audience.

As a speaker, you are actually a performer on stage. The better your performance the more you will achieve. Body language must be confident, never speak with eyes lowered, and always look straight at your audience as you speak.


Depends on what you are selling. At Prolite Autoglo, your product profiles suggest that you need to use fear of accident and fear of law as USP’s. Here, product description is the most boring part and is left for last when the audience is eating out of your hand, relaxed, comfortable and attentive. Therefore, they would be receptive to the technical stuff you are about to hit them with. Mind you, I am talking about a common audience here and not some expert bunch like renowned architects, builders and big fish. Here, your bosses will think twice before sending you and probably use a technical expert who can handle their queries. Or else, you will have a bench of experts seated on the dais while you speak and when the red lights start blinking you can say, “That’s an interesting point you have raised sir, and I would request our expert, so and so here to answer that one. Over to you sir” (looking at the so and so and giving him a cue to grab the mike and answer.)


·         Building code makes it mandatory to install emergency lights, pathfinder paraphernalia that come to use in darkness or smoke situations for easy and quick exit of people trapped in the closed premises.

·         Incidents like the Kamala Mills blaze have shown how everyone from top to bottom can end up in jail for flouting exigency and fire regulations. There are some actual examples you can quote to impress an audience that ‘chalta Hai’ ab nehi chalega.

·         People need not necessarily be aware where to install lights/signs and how many would be required as every location will have its own specific requirements. You need to rub in the fact that your customers get full expert advice and guidance from the Prolite team to help out there and it’s not their headache. Plus, as a valued customer that guidance and advice is available to him or her ABSOLUTELY FREE.

·         Prolite has many big clients like Taj or BARC or Mumbai Metro. This gives you a chance to impress the audience on the star status of your company and the quality of its product range.




I will suggest here, some possible openings. It is not necessary you adopt them, but it will give you an idea. You can use humor to catch the attention of the audience. Or apply shock treatment.

Start 1) “Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

I welcome you on behalf of PROLITE Autoglo Limited, I am ms so-and-so, and you will have to tolerate and bear with me for the next half an hour so best be prepared for it (wide manufactured smile) (there will be some laughter from people in the audience) But no worries, I will make an effort to make it as pleasant as possible but for that I would require your undivided attention as this is going to be an interactive exchange and you will get a chance to clarify any doubts and anything that you may not understand will be explained.

 Start 2) “Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

I welcome you on behalf of PROLITE Autoglo Limited, I am ms so-and-so and I will speak to you about the vital need and importance of our product ranges and how they could be useful to each one of you if an emergency situation arises and you happen to be caught in the middle of it. What if, right this moment, all the lights in this room fail due to say, a short circuit and puts us all in pitch darkness and a fire starts out billowing black smoke right here somewhere. What would you do in that situation? (pause)

Here you have snatched the attention of the entire audience. People will reply and others will answer and the rest of the lecture will be a direct interactive session and it would be a highly productive one for sure.


Emergency lights are vital in public places so that people can be expatriated safely at times of crisis without panic. Due to this, bright and visible sign boards in prescribed size and color are installed at exit gates or exit routes. Theaters, commercial buildings, educational institutions, healthcare centers, residential buildings, industrial buildings, and manufacturing plants are required to be equipped with emergency lights. The lights should be strategically positioned at places such as escape routes, at change of directions in the escape route, corridors, elevators, near first aid spots, staircases, and at changes in floor level.

PROLITE AUTOGLO is today, one of India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of a humongous range of photoluminescence safety signages and emergency lights suitable for all purposes. PROLITE also exports its product ranges to different countries and with its own in-house engineering team, provides swift and efficient after sales services to its customers in India. Also, PROLITE provides the requisite consultancy at the pre construction stage and accurately identifies and pinpoints the locations of each light and each sign, in conformity with the latest prescribed standards.

PROLITE AUTOGLO Ltd. is a market leader in photoluminescent signages and emergency lighting solutions from India. We have earned the distinction of having serviced a plethora of malls, multiplexes, state governed nuclear facilities, high rises and more- not just in India, but across the world. We can rightfully boast an awesome product range in emergency lighting and signages suited to diverse requirements and specifications as required by the company’s vast and distinguished client base globally. We believe in delivering strict quality control and after sales services to our customers. Our motto is: “We don’t take it lightly”.

PROLITE’s long list of satisfied customers bears testimony to our commitment to ensuring the best attention to the minutest of detail. This means that whenever you need us we, at PROLITE, are always willing to step in at any stage, to supply, install and if necessary, improve upon your signage and lighting requirements.