Many trapped in kamala mills blaze could not escape as exigency signage was not installed

We, at Prolite, once again found ourselves in the familiar “I told you so” situation when Kamala Mills tragedy shocked the nation and frankly, we are not happy. When we talk of human lives this can never be about advertising or point scoring. But then Prolite has never scored points. Our company has been a bugle that rings loud and clear to educate and inform everyone about the importance of prevention and life saving paraphernalia.

Two months after relentless investigations were conducted into the causes of the Kamala Mills deaths, the headline news of “Mumbai Mirror” dated 3rd March read “OWNERS, MANAGERS AND WAITERS WERE THE FIRST TO ESCAPE” –Victims said that there were no signs for fire exits and 1Above owners and hotel staff left them in the lurch.

It is frustrating to say again and again, that signages and pointers are vital life savers in fire situations. When smoke billows, visibility is poor and especially when the people trapped may not be familiar with the premises concerned. One wrong turn could mean certain death and one right turn could be a life saver.  

And yet, people have to wait for grisly incidents like this to get wise? Cost is hardly the factor here for sure but even if it were so, what price can one lay on human life?

I think any owner, user, occupier, builder or others who are concerned with commercial premises like the outlets at Kamala Mills need to answer that question right now and then decide on the logical next step. Otherwise this déjà vu and “I told you so” situation will happen again, and again and again. As the popular saying goes- “Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.


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