When you are all dressed up and ready to go somewhere, is that the question that comes to mind at the 11th hour?


If it, doesn’t it actually should, if you think logically. If your shoelaces come off along the way and you are blissfully unaware, you could trip over them or someone else could step on them and you could fall down and injure yourself.


It is the same with safety issues in other areas too. If you have installed a fire extinguisher in your office but your staff is not trained on correct usage of the equipment what will happen if a fire actually takes place? Similarly, if you have used cheap paper or cardboard signs for guiding people to the exits in emergencies, they will become invisible in a power failure situation. Therefore, the NBC has some clear guidelines on proper safety equipment and their installation in all enclosed spaces from malls, multiplexes to flats and bungalows. Exigency signages must ‘glow’ in the dark and provide clear vision in smoky or hazy environments for one. Also, staff must be trained, fire drills conducted and regular maintenance of equipment done periodically in institutions or locations where people congregate or visit.


So please check again. Have you tied your shoelaces properly?

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