Believe in Innovation and technology.

In a market that is constantly growing and expanding, it is indeed a challenge to keep up with the
latest in technologies and modernization. PROLITE has always worked towards taking its
product ranges to the next level and that too at affordable prices through sustained R&D work by
its dedicated team. No wonder our older clients swear by us and new ones bond with us easily
and readily when they realize what we have on offer.
An emergency situation can arise anytime without warning and even people familiar with
surroundings could find it difficult to exit a pitch dark area or a smoke filled room in time
without the support of illumination–be it in the shape of emergency lights or photoluminescent
signages. In emergency situations where quick evacuation of premises becomes a priority, our
products instantly provide the best solutions possible.
Our products have proven, optimum utility in ground level as well as high rise situations.
Whether it be a multi-story structure or a sprawling stadium expanding vertically or horizontally
or both, we have focused and specific products to suit all kinds of eventualities such as
blackouts, fires, explosions or any other.
Convenience with aesthetics is another way to describe our range of conversion modules. They
are compact and manufactured to suit all standard brands and types of lighting be it Halogen
bulbs, CFL lamps, FTL lamps or LED’s. All you need to do is to give us full details of your
existing lighting system and our module can be made to order and fitted to them to suit the
specifics of existing lighting to provide back up support for as long as you may need. In case of
black out or power outage, your own existing lights will double as mains-cum emergency
lighting units till the crisis blows over.