2 elderly ladies die in residential complex fire in bhendi bazaar (mumbai)

While the Surat tragedy hogged headlines, a tragedy in Mumbai of similar nature occured on
the same day. Two elderly women were killed in a fire that broke out in a residential building
in Bhendi Bazaar late Thursday night, police said. While all the 48 families living in the
building managed to escape, the two women were left behind. The fire reportedly broke out
on the third floor of Punjab Mahal Co-operative Housing Society on Rahudat Tahera Marg
around 10.30 pm. All the families residing in the four-storey building were inside at the time
when the incident occurred.
According to police, the fire started on the third floor at the residence of Maqbool Warifwala
and spread upwards. As a thick flume of smoke reached the fourth floor, the Master family,
residing on that floor, rushed outside along with other fellow residents. Farida Master (67), a
tuition teacher, and her neighbour, Nafisa Gittham (70), however, were left behind over some
It seems, Farida and Gittham had decided to wait for the fire to subside, building Secretary
Abbas Darukhanawalla said. “Both women thought that the the fire would be extinguished in
5-10 minutes. Nafisa, who lived alone, had gone to Farida’s home to give her company,” he

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